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Social Prescribing

Social Prescribing’ is a support service that links people with non-medical sources of support in the local area. Inishowen Development Partnership are hosting this service on behalf of the Buncrana Primary Care Team.
It includes for example, arts, counselling, learning and up- skilling, exercise, gardening, self-help materials, and volunteering. There are also opportunities for individuals to join groups with like-minded people or to take part in health programmes that promote general wellbeing.
How does it work?
You can be referred to the social prescribing service through your G.P or other health/social professional. Alternatively you can contact the Co-ordinator directly if you feel that you would benefit from one to one support in getting connected with activities and supports in the community.
The Co-ordinator will then meet with you and together you will talk about activities or supports that might be of your interest. The activity or support will be sourced and you will be assisted and supported to attend.
Who is it for?
Leanne McBrearty Co-ordinator for the Project outlines “The service is for anyone who may feel stressed, anxious or depressed, or for anyone who may feel that they are alone and isolated in the community. Using resources within the community will allow you to experience the benefits of meeting other people or participating in a new activity. Social Prescribing is free of charge to all its participants. It is a confidential and non-judgmental service where you can explore new opportunities that will promote your general wellbeing”.

For more information contact Leanne McBrearty: 0860406950 or