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Child Protection / Garda Vetting

The Child Protection Awareness Programme (CPAP).

A four hour awareness programme for youth leaders delivered as an individual training module or as part of overall youth work training.

This Child Protection Programme offers support and general assistance to the youth work sector through:

  • Guidance in the development of an organisation’s child protection policy and/or code of behaviour.
  • The Child Protection Programme can give advice, guidance and support to organisations who are developing or revising their child protection policies and procedures. This can be offered through advice, review or training.
  • Guidance in the development of good recruitment practices in an organisation:
  • The Child Protection Programme can give advice, support and training to an organisation on best practice in developing safe recruitment procedures and systems, including garda vetting.
  • Guidance in the development of safe practices in an organisation.

The Child Protection Programme can offer advice to youth leaders, managers and organisations in developing safe practice while working with young people.

The duration of the course is four hours and it is Free of charge.

Garda Vetting

Garda Vetting is conducted in respect of personnel working in full time, part-time and voluntary or student placement capacity in a position in a organisation, through which they have unsupervised access to children and/or vulnerable adults.

For further information contact:

Pauline Coyle
Inishowen Development Partnership
St Marys Road
Co Donegal
(00353) 07493 62218