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Participant Information

articipants will work 19½ hours per week for a duration of 12 months.  This will help support unemployed people in remaining job-ready for re-entry to employment as the economic environment improves.

The Department of Social Protection will contact eligible people and offer them the opportunity to be considered for local placement as opportunities arise. Those who agree to participate will be referred to Inishowen Development Partnership for interview to determine the person’s skills and experience.


  • To qualify for TUS a person must have been continuously unemployed for at least 12 months and ‘signing’ on a full time basis
  • In receipt of a Jobseekers payment for Department of Social Protection for at least 12 months
  • Currently in receipt of Jobseekers Allowance

Participants will be paid the full jobseekers allowance rate plus an additional €20 per week. Under 25-year-olds will be paid the maximum Jobseekers Allowance plus €20 per week.  Other payments in respect of qualifying adults/children, as determined by Department of Social Protection, may also apply. Participants are entitled to statutory annual leave during the 52 week period.

Participants on Tús can take up other employment provided it does not interfere with the work and times of the Tús work placement. If participants are offered alternative work or training they may terminate their work placement contract if they wish.

When the placement finishes, they should sign on again with their local social welfare office. They cannot participate in the Tús scheme again for 3 years.