Inishowen Development Partnership is a community led local development company that has successfully delivered rural development and social inclusion programmes and initiatives in Donegal since 1996 on behalf of the European Union and the Irish Government through the National Development Plan. IDP also collaborates on a number of County-wide and Cross-border Initiatives.

We provide services to the Unemployed; Enterprise & start-up support for your own business; Community Development support; Training and Education; Youth Development; and Family Support programmes.

Inishowen Development Partnership delivers a number of major programmes along with a range of other smaller schemes and initiatives e.g. the Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme (formerly the LCDP/Local Development Social Inclusion Programme), the Rural Development Programme (LEADER) 2007-2013, Rural Social Scheme (RSS), Jobs Initiative Programme, Tús, CE Childcare Scheme, Development Education Programme, Family Support initiatives as well as a range of other complementary programmes. Our work continues in supporting social inclusion within a context of great challenge and uncertainty about the future.

The Board of management is structured with representatives from the community and voluntary sector, social partners, statutory agencies and public representatives to devise and implement solutions to the disadvantage experienced in the Inishowen Peninsula and Donegal. The company has been working to mainstream initiatives and works in partnership with a range of groups and agencies to bring about real change in the situation of those who are most excluded in our community

Inishowen Development Partnership applies the concepts of integrity, accuracy, transparency, reliability, confidentiality and proper disclosure and presentation. We are a limited Company with charitable status and are registered with the Charities Regulator.  IDP is committed to ensuring that we comply with the 7 principles of the Dóchas Code of Conduct on Images and Messages.

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