IDP held a series of community consultations within 10 localities across Inishowen.  The overall approach was one of co-design and community consensus – with the stakeholders within each locality cluster, and IDP as a partner.  The emphasis throughout was on People, Place and Progress. The focus was to understand the strengths; identify assets and scope out future development opportunities/priorities for each area across the 10 clustered localities of Inishowen.  IDP’s delivery of Envision Inishowen has been an expression of one of IDP’s core principles- that communities and their people are at the heart of this process – knowing what is needed, what needs to be sustained and what needs investment.  

This process has involved: 

  • Local facilitated conversation sessions looking at the potential of each area, listening to local voices. These were attended by local leaders, active groups, and individuals.    
  • Scoping of the localities – key assets, common factors, crossover, gaps, challenges, potential leads, etc.  
  • Ensuring that findings from the engagement in each locality can be fed into IDP’s ongoing work, its communications plan and strategic vision for the coming years.  
  • Ongoing sharing out of the data, findings and potential opportunities with the participants and other key stakeholders to support existing and new initiatives by participants/stakeholders.