IDP are project partners in this important Erasmus Plus project called ITs4Women. The project aims to improve the position and perception of women in today’s society by highlighting the importance of digital skills, opportunities and routes into employment in the ICT sector.

At EU level, the number of women with digital skills and those in ICT sector is much lower than the number of men. This results in social disparities and potential discrimination. IDP along with project partners from across Europe want to fix this! Find out more about our involvement by


StagePass is a project aimed at tapping into the creativity and growing and polishing the skillset of young people who are interested in music but sometimes feel a bit disconnected from their peers.  We want to help them to connect, record, play together and perform together for us all to enjoy. Using digital connections, for now because of COVID-19, and building capacity and the ‘virtual’ infrastructure as a digital readiness element, StagePass will be a space where they will participate, grow their confidence and share in intercultural learning. StagePass is targeting – teens who are in education – they are predominantly tuned out from their peers but tuned into the sound of music. StagePass wants to mitigate against the risk of isolation and feelings of disconnect.  The project offers a chance to shine a spotlight on positive mental health and well-being and taking it forward as they connect and reconnect.  We will use synergies between entrepreneurship education and the ‘Gig economy’ in creative arts to develop a curriculum relevant to our target audience.  IDP are leading on this ErasmusPlus project along with partners from Ireland, Netherlands, Northern Ireland/UK, Poland. Starting in May 2021, StagePass will run to May 2023. Tune into StagePass by contacting

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