Section 4: LDS Action Plan

Donegal LAG Vision for the Local Development Strategy under the LEADER / RDP 2014 – 2020

To stimulate and support sustainable and innovative rural development that builds a diverse and sustainable economy, creates greater ownership of the environment, heritage and culture, that contributes to the quality of life for the citizens of Donegal and a collective sense of purpose in achieving ‘Life in Balance.

To achieve this vision, this chapter presents the strategic action plan as developed by the Donegal LCDC led LAG. Table 1 below presents a summary of the action plan.

Table 1: Summary of LCDC Led LAG Action Plan

Obj noObjectiveAction RefStrategic Action Title
Sub Theme: Rural Tourism
1.To harness the potential of Donegal’s world class authentic tourism offerings ( including the Wild Atlantic Way) for the benefit of rural communities by facilitating diversification and the creation of indigenous tourism enterprises , community based tourism initiatives and ancillary facilities1.1To develop & promote equestrian activities & facilities
1.2Support the development of digital tourism
1.3To capitalise on the Wild Atlantic Way
1.4Religious Trails & Cultural/Language Tourism
2.To encourage initiatives that facilitate accessibility and access to engage and participate in the enjoyment in activity, adventure and recreational based activities2.1Support and develop green trails
2.2To increase access and accessibility
Sub Theme: Enterprise Development
3.To collaboratively support and promote an enterprise ecosystem, which will improve competitiveness, investment and job creation; and nurture innovation and entrepreneurship throughout Donega3.1Rural Enterprises including Artisan Food Producers
3.2Marketing Branding and Bundling
4.To support enterprises and initiatives which add value to local produce and which build on the core competencies and resources of the region4.1Stimulating Farm Diversification
4.2To support the development of Culinary Academy’s
5.To stimulate job creation across all rural areas in County Donegal and address the distinctive training and support needs of operating businesses in rural areas5.1To assist in facilitating Business Planning
5.2Training for Tourism Providers
6.To support social enterprises promoted by local community and voluntary groups which address local needs and services6.1Social Enterprise
7.To support and facilitate research and knowledge transfer on the potential of Donegal’s natural resources7.1Research and Development
8.To support initiatives that unlock the potential of Donegal’s built, natural and cultural heritage8.1Woodland Development
9.To facilitate the development of cultural facilities that support artistic endeavor and provide training and mentoring programmer to increase the capacity and skills base of arts organisations and artists within the county, whilst also recognising the opportunities presented by the Gaeltacht9.1Supporting and nurturing creative industries
Sub Theme: Rural Towns
10.To stimulate rural town and village cores, to enable them to act as the hubs to drive economic, social and cultural renewal for the surrounding hinterland10.1Build strong town cores
10.2Harbour Development
Sub Theme: Broadband
11.To develop Donegal as a connected place physically and digitally, by enhancing accessibility to quality infrastructure and ICT in rural areas11.1Community Broadband Initiatives
Sub Theme: Basic Services Targeted at hard to reach communities
12.To build sustainable rural, coastal and island communities in County Donegal by focusing on local comparative advantage and nurturing existing expertise, skills and assets12.1Potential of Coastal Community Heritage
13.To build more inclusive communities throughout County Donegal through the provision of a number of capacity, animation and leadership training programmes that are based on local needs, complement existing programmes and maximise the uptake of funding13.1Training and Capacity Building
13.2Social Prescription
13.3Targeting Initiatives at Older People
13.4Rural Youth Entrepreneurs
14To develop community space and infrastructure within the county that will ensure better access for example to ICT, Training, Language, Business and Public Services for hard to reach communities14.1Supporting Community Organisations
14.2Recreational Supports
15To foster local community participation in the Digital Society by supporting projects and initiatives that facilitate the growth of sustainable and inclusive communities through the use of ICT & digital technologies15.1Digital Participation
16To support activities that enhance the use of Irish as a living language through which communities can engage in social, cultural and economic activities16.1Digital Language
17To support the establishment, growth and development of social enterprises17.1Consolidating and Reusing Community Facilities
18To support environmentally sustainable initiatives that promote energy conservation and energy independence and do not impact negatively on the needs of future generations18.1ICT and the Green Economy
19To support measures that strengthen island communities by improving access to basic services, increasing skill levels and empowering them to engage in all decisions regarding their future sustainability19.1Addressing Island/Coastal Challenges
Sub Theme: Rural Youth
20To work in partnership with key stakeholders to widen social, cultural, economic and employment opportunities; and address the issue of isolation for young people in rural areas20.1Social and Recreational Facilities for Young People
21To develop innovative solutions that address rural transport concerns and help to build sustainable eco communities and villages21.1Rural Transport
Sub Theme: Protection and Sustainable Use of Water Resources
22To support programmes and projects that assist with sustainable coastal zone management22.1Coastal Protection
23To explore local opportunities that utilise waste as a resource to reduce greenhouse gas emissions whilst also creating new growth and job opportunities such as better eco-design, waste prevention and reuse23.1Reducing Waste
24To complement and support the implementation of the North Western International River Basin Management Plan within which Donegal is located24.1Improve Water Quality
Sub Theme: Protection and Improvement of Local Biodiversity
25To value the benefits provided by the environment and the potential they offer to develop activities based around spiritual enrichment, eco retreats, cognitive development, reflection, recreation and aesthetic enjoyment.25.1Promote Sustainable Development and Showcase the Environment
26To support measures which will coordinate, promote, protect and enhance Donegal’s rich biosphere and facilitate opportunities for the development of sustainable tourism and enterprise and social development26.1Supporting Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development
26.2Creating Awareness of Environment Amongst Communities
26.3Efficient Harvesting
Sub Theme: Development of Renewable Energy
27To support initiatives that will increase the use of renewable energy and promote sustainable energy use in the transport realm, and in homes, businesses and communities27.1Stimulate the Uptake of Renewable Technology
27.2Promoting Energy Efficiency
27.3Support for the Green Technology Sector
27.4Eco Accreditation