Are you part of a community group or organisation who wants to make changes to better your local community?

Do you need support in your work or activities, funding applications, committee training etc.?

Do you know who to link in with to understand what is happening in your community?


The Community Development Team seeks to work with representatives of geographic area and communities of interest to address disadvantage, promote inclusion and secure real improvements in quality of life for people in Inishowen.


The core work of the Programme involves the following actions:

  • 1. Convening and supporting groups to promote common interests and address common concerns.

2. Building the capacity of groups to function effectively.
  • 3. Supporting groups to engage in decision-making structures and facilitating collaborative, multi-party approaches to tackling disadvantage and promoting social inclusion.

This strategy is about strengthening community organisations’ role and voice in local development and community planning.

Inishowen Development Partnership works with community and voluntary groups and organisations to identify local issues and how best to make changes for the better in our local communities. In bringing together local community groups and other agencies this has a positive effect in involving people who have knowledge and experience of their area or issue being involved in what happens in their community.

Community Groups and Community Development are divided into broad categories:

Issue Based Groups

Groups who come together to discuss concerns that affect their daily lives are supported to look at what approach they want to take and who best can work with or support them in developing, planning and delivering their actions

Area Based Groups

Local Community Groups are supported to develop networks that will support their work both in identifying issues and bringing community and state agencies together to work with them.

Community Participation

It is very important that communities are part of the structures that make decisions in making a real difference to their communities. Supporting the development of good working relationships between local communities, community organisations and state agencies can have a positive effect on people living within the community and strengthen community spirit.