A proposed Community Archaeology Training Project for Inishowen, 2018

An exciting opportunity may arise (pending funding availability) to set up a community archaeology study group to investigate and record its features as part of a broader heritage study of the Magh Tochúir: the ‘Plain of the Causeway’, centred on the Isle of Doagh and Trawbreaga Bay.  Prehistoric rock art, standing stones, early Christian monuments, hut circles and farm boundaries are the surviving elements of this important historic landscape.  Some are at risk from erosion and development; all are crucial to understanding Inishowen’s unique place in Irish history.

With support from the Inishowen Studies Group and the Lands of Éogain Group, tutors Colm O’Brien, Deb Haycock, Jack Pennie and Max Adams are leading a programme of survey and training based in Buncrana and on the Isle of Doagh in September 2018.

Those interested in learning the skills and techniques of heritage project management, site survey, photography, monument recording and map-based analysis, and wishing to become core members to lead the project in the future, are encouraged to apply for a place on the course.

The course comprises an initial weekend training day at the IDP offices in Buncrana, followed by four 3-hour evening class-based sessions; 4 days on-site training to be spread over two weeks with in-built flexibility; and the compilation of a self-assessed training ‘passport’.

The group will run autonomously after the end of the course, developing the project with mentoring support from the ISG and Lands of Eogainand seeking opportunities to generate funding for equipment and resources.

If funding becomes available, it is proposed to commence the course on Sunday, 9th September.  The course will finish on Thursday 20th September.  Dates for evening sessions are yet to be finalised. To register please contact Mary McCallion, Community Links Officer IDP mmccallion@inishowen.ie   Ph.0749362218 stating your interest, and previous   experience (if any) in this field. (Please note places are limited on programme)

Participants will learn how to:

  • Set up a realistic, deliverable project and structure a research design
  • Gather and manage the necessary resources
  • Carry out basic field reconnaissance and mapping
  • Plan fieldwork logistics: on-site facilities; Health and Safety and legal aspects
  • Gain hands-on field experience
  • Generate industry-standard reports for statutory bodies such as the NMR in RoI and liaise with County Donegal heritage officers and museums
  • Set up and maintain a social media presence and deliver public engagement

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