Targeted Call for LEADER Funding – Basic Services targeted at hard to reach communities

The LEADER Rural Development Programme (RDP) 2014-2020 for Inishowen, Co. Donegal is now open and we are announcing details of the targeted call for basic Services projects under the Social Inclusion Theme.

The following Basic Services actions are currently open for submission of your expression of interest form for LEADER funding with a closure date of 17th February 2017. Total Budget €538,304.73.


Target Call – Basic Services targeted at hard to reach communities Budget Grant Ceiling
To build sustainable rural, coastal and island communities by focusing on local comparative advantage and nurturing existing expertise, skills and assets. 89,717.46 30,000
To build more inclusive communities through the provision of a number of capacity, animation and training programmes that are based in local needs and complement existing programmes 17,943.49 10,000
To develop community space and infrastructure within the region that will ensure better access for all services for hard to reach communities 269,152.35 150,000
To foster local communities participation in the digital society by supporting projects and initiatives that facilitate the growth of sustainable and inclusive communities through the use of ICT and digital technologies 8,971.75 7,000
To support activities that enhance the use of Irish as a living language through which communities can engage in social, cultural and economic activities 8,971.75 7,000
To support the establishment, growth and development of social enterprises 17,943.46 10,000
To support environmentally sustainable initiatives that promote energy conservation and energy independence and do not impact negatively on the needs of future generations. 125,604.44 40,000

Targeted calls must account for 40% of the projects approved (in monetary terms) per year from the

rollout of the LEADER Programme. The purpose of the targeted calls for EOIs is to ensure that LEADER funding is targeted where it delivers the most value, is awarded based on a comparative assessment, secures equal opportunities for all potential applicants and ensures funding is available for the duration of the programme.

If you are interested in fostering and developing community participation projects in Inishowen you are now invited to submit an Expression of Interest Form.

Further information about IDP LEADER and this time limited call is available from Inishowen Development Partnership. If you have any queries, contact IDP Office Carndonagh on 074 9373083.