The Inishowen Skillnet has been established to offer support to a range of local enterprises in upskilling and cross-skilling staff. This will be delivered locally, rather than sending employees to larger hubs around the country saving time and money. ​

Businesses from a wide range of sectors will benefit from the new network in Inishowen. The sectors included are engineering, manufacturing, transport, travel, tourism, hospitality, farming and fishing. ​

Is your businesses from one of our wide range of sectors? Do you want to benefit from this pilot network which is available across Inishowen for 2021?

Engineering, Manufacturing, Transport, Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, Farming And Fishing.

2020/21 Never before have we seen such dramatic changes to the way we work as we have over the past few months. What we are faced with now is a future, with many of these changes staying in place permanently and moving forward productively, safely and successfully is the end goal for us all.

As part of the changes and different priorities your company now have, we too at Inishowen Skillnet have also made changes to the way programmes are delivered. We have adapted with online and blended programmes in response to our network needs. We have also reconfigured topics to companies and also topics to better meet your staff and organisational needs.

Skillnet Ireland and Inishowen Development Partnership (IDP) have been proactive in their responsiveness, making these changes possible, so you and your staff get all the support and training you really want.

 The support your company and staff can receive comes in the form of:

  • Highly subsidised high-quality training.
  • Open to all private sector or commercial semi-state enterprises/companies based in Inishowen inc. Sole Traders, Farmers, Small businesses etc.
  • Training and events delivered at a time, place and in a way to suit companies.
  • Proven learning and development that results in employees increasing productivity.
  • Training and confidence-building that improves customer care and product knowledge.
  • Provision of opportunities to increase staff morale and career/self-development
  • In-company training to assist in physical skills training while keeping your people safe and adhering to government guidance and maintaining contract tracing as part of the ongoing public health management plan.
  • Inishowen Skillnet in co-operation with Inishowen Development Partnership [IDP] and the Network Committee facilitates networking opportunities between businesses as a priority for business managers and owners across Inishowen to have a platform to discuss and develop not only their own company but also all of Inishowen. #inishowen #LiveWorkThrive #peopleplaceprogress


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