Learn more about voting ahead of local elections with ChangeMakers

A FREE four week on voter education aims to equip people with more knowledge on the importance using your vote wisely ahead of the Inishowen local elections in June.

ChangeMakers Donegal and Inishowen Development Partnership are offering people the chance to take part in their new Active Citizenship and Voter Education course beginning in Buncrana on May 8th.

The free four-week course aiming at equipping people with the tools and knowledge necessary to become an active participant in shaping our collective future.

Booking/Registration: changemakers@inishowen.ie

Myra McAuliffe, Project Coordinator with ChangeMakers, said in a year when our local and potentially national politicians will go to the polls, this course will give you the knowledge and tools to make your voice heard. 

The course, which is facilitated by Julie Griffiths, a facilitator and activist, will run on Wednesdays from 10am to 1pm at Inishowen Development Partnership in from Wednesday 8 May until 5 June.

Julie will explore a range of topics including practical matters such as registering to vote, the main political parties and voting systems, from proportional representation to first-past-the-post, as well considering the main issues ahead of the local elections in Donegal this June.

“During this voter education course Julie will examine the ins and outs of local government and its’ impact on the community,” said Project Coordinator Myra.

“We will discover the role of local councillors and the vital importance of participating in local elections. As Environmentalist Jane Goodall said at the World Economic Forum in January – ‘Every vote matters, more this year than perhaps any time in history’, we at ChangeMakers believe that by harassing your power to vote locally – it will have implications globally,

“In a year when half the world’s population will vote, there has never been a better time than now to ensure that your voice is heard when you go to the polls,” added Myra.

Denise McCool Team Lead with IDP in Buncrana said they are delighted to be collaborating with ChangeMakers, whom they are project leads along with Donegal ETB, Self Help Africa, Trócaire, Concern Worldwide and Irish Aid, to bring this unique course to Inishowen before the important local elections, which take place on 7th June across Donegal.

“Join us at ChangeMakers Donegal and Inishowen Development Partnership on this educational journey to become an empowered and informed citizen,” said Denise.

“Together, let’s shape the future through active engagement and responsible citizenship.”

To sign up for the course email changemakers@inishowen.ie or call us on 07493-62218. While the course is free places on the programme are limited.

For further information see: www.inishowen.ie/events/active-citizenship-voter-education/