IDP has been successful in sourcing a small fund from SITT, Donegal’s Transport Co-Ordination Unit through the National Transport Authority Social Inclusion Fund. This funding will be used to support projects focussed on integration of services for communities experiencing disadvantage & communities of interest in the Inishowen Peninsula.
Who can apply?
• Groups and organisations who work in line with the aims of IDPs Social Inclusion Programme specifically focusing on the work within Goal 1 and Goal 2 and who with a small amount of funding would like to undertake a piece of work to promote social inclusion and social justice in the Peninsula.
Application Criteria:
• Applications should be for projects that have a focus on health & well-being, youth development, community collaboration and development and should take cognisance of social determinants of health and community development principles.
• The applicant organisation or group must be committed to promoting the nine grounds of equality and socio-economic equality.
• Projects must identify the most appropriate SICAP outcomes for their project. See appendix A
• Projects must be completed by October 28th, 2016
• Only SITT approved registered providers of transport are eligible for payment. See appendix B
• 25% of costs must be provided by the applicant group. Maximum grant available €500.
• A passenger log has to be completed for every trip taken. Supporting documents will be provided once grant is approved
Application can be made by completing the IDP Small Grants for Transport 2016 application form which can be found on the IDP website: and either posting it to: IDP, St Marys Rd., Buncrana, Inishowen, Co. Donegal or email to
Trips must be completed by October 28th, 2016.
If application is successful applicants will need to submit:
• Agreement that IDP may use their work to promote IDP
• Bank account, Tax reference & Tax clearance details.
• Income and expenditure report.
• Complete a short report form on completion of project.

Check out more details under our Education and Training Section or below
IDP Transport Small Grant Scheme Criteria<>IDP Small Grant Application Form